Vibratory Feeder Bowls

Vibratory Feeder bowls and Centrifugal feeders are the foundation of Vibromatic’s vast product line of part handling systems.

The name “Vibromatic” is synonymous with vibratory feeder bowls. With over 50 years in the automatic part handling business, Vibromatic has defined, refined, and patented numerous innovations designed to make life easier for our customers that rely on quality vibratory and centrifugal part handling equipment and systems.

Do you have an application for us to research?

Please contact us and one of our vibratory feeder bowl design engineers will recommend the appropriate automatic vibratory feeder bowl, or part handling system that will meet your automation goals. A parts feeder is considered the heart of any part handing system which may consist of an off-the-shelf Polycast, stainless steel, centrifugal, floor or linear parts feeder. How is this very important automatic parts feeding decision arrived at? Just leave it up to Vibromatic to decide upon the optimum parts feeder that will meet your part handling needs. After choosing the optimum method of feeding your parts, Vibromatic will offer optional building block components which may include vibratory hopper feeders, centrifugal feeders, vibratory drive units, vibratory tracks, parts sorters or part placements mechanisms to meet your automatic part handling requirements.

As one of the few vibratory feeder bowl companies large enough to do so, Vibromatic earmarks a portion of its budget every year for research and development. Your needs become our challenges, and we have the team in place to face those challenges head on! For example, in addition to vibratory feeder bowls, we developed our Centrifugal Orbital Mechanical Feed systems specifically to overcome the inherent difficulties in handling, feeding and orienting parts for the “capping” industry. Our systems are capable of providing a constant flow of properly oriented closures (bottle caps) at feed rates in excess of 3000 parts per minute. That’s 3000 parts per minute, with 100% orientation, tracked to your assembly station! Vibromatic’s strong suite is the ability to provide our customers with the ultimate solution using part handling components from our vast product line to provide the best solution to your part handling problem.

Polycast Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls are another one of our unique innovations that makes your production lines more efficient and maintenance free. Our design team created the patented Polycast® Vibratory Feeder Bowls to accommodate a wide range of off-the-shelf feeder bowl tooling to provide a quick change of tooling across part families. We have packages in stock at all times to address common feeding issues, such as screws, nuts, washers, bushings, o-rings, and dowel pins. Just imagine, a feeder bowl sitting on the shelf, waiting for tooling (also on the shelf), to be placed into immediate service in your application. These vibratory parts feeder systems can be ready for use in a matter of days rather than weeks! We even address your important part qualification problems; such as, separating similar or dissimilar parts from your actual production condition parts. Our automatic vibratory parts sorting bowls will check for thread presence, part lengths and diameters, and separate the out-of-tolerance parts into discrete chutes.

To complement our vibratory and centrifugal feeder bowl line we offer optional support components such as vibratory feeder bowl drive units, and vibratory straight line drivers for powering the vibratory tracks that convey your parts from vibratory, linear, stepper, floor, or centrifugal parts feeders. Vibromatic also offers a complete line of bulk hoppers to meter your parts into our custom designed feeder bowls in order to maintain proper part levels. Custom designed sound enclosures to reduce the noise level of our part handling systems is another very important component to round out our line of optional support components. Vibromatic also provides single station assembly mechanisms and automatic screwdrivers that assemble parts after they have been tracked from our vibratory or centrifugal parts feeders. We also provide components such as escapement mechanisms and positioning devices that our customers can utilize when designing and building their own placement or assembly mechanisms.