Machine Bases & Tables

Vibromatic manufactures our machine bases and tables to meet the specific needs of your custom parts feeding system.  Our machine bases and tables are manufactured to be some of the most durable and robust in the parts handling industry. They are always designed and built to withstand the weight, vibration, and length required for your system as well as the customers’ floor. They are engineered and built so the system can be lifted with a standard forklift as well as crated and packed for shipping. Some standard features include 1” to 2” thick base, 3” Steel Tubing for legs and struts.

Over the last 63 years, we have designed and built thousands of machine bases and tables to suit our customers’ needs and specifications. These can include using stainless steel skins over the top and sides, powder coating, nickel plating, stainless steel, and custom foot pads.   

Vibromatic machine bases and tables are in factories worldwide serving industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, cosmetic, food, packaging, plastics, glass, foundry, steel, construction, and metalworking industries. Vibromatic custom parts handling systems offer a cost-effective alternative to manual labor, saving manufacturer’s time and labor costs. Several factors must be considered when selecting the best parts handling system for your application. Contact a Vibromatic engineer today to discuss your application and put our experience and expertise to work for you.