Vibratory Straight Line Drives

Vibromatic offers a complete line of vibratory straight line drive units.  

These are available as off-the-shelf components or custom tooled, designed and crafted to store and convey production parts as they are tracked to your assembly or inspection station. Whether you decide to go the tooled or untooled route, please Contact Us and work with one of Vibromatic’s experienced technicians who will provide the optimum solution to your parts tracking challenge. ¬†Also, Vibromatic offers custom tooled automatic vibratory feeder bowl systems, Centrifugal, Stepper and Floor Feeders to meet your part handling needs. So, if you are looking for complete turnkey parts handling systems, Vibromatic provides a complete line of building block components such as, vibratory hopper feeders, centrifugal part handling systems, vibratory drive units, parts sorters, part escapements and placements and many other optional part handling components to offer as a solution to your parts feeding requirements.

Vibratory Straight Line Drive Units, manufactured by Vibromatic are designed to move parts in a straight line motion from Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls to Dead Nests, Escapement Devices or Placement Mechanisms. Like all Vibromatic equipment, we have incorporated adjustability with a jack screw arrangement. This allows for ease of alignment between the Vibratory Straight Line Track and its mating Vibratory Parts Feeder, Dead Nest, Escapement Device or Placement Mechanism. The SL-1004 Drive Unit is capable of feed rates up to and sometimes beyond 180 inches per minute. This particular unit is capable of driving a normally tooled Vibratory Track 14 inches long with a maximum load of 7 pounds.

Standard operating voltage for one of these units is 115 V, 60Hz with a maximum power draw of .5 amps. Vibromatic can supply as an option an H001 variable speed control for this Vibratory Straight Line Drive unit. Shipping weight of this unit is approximately 8 pounds. Special tooling arrangements and special power requirements can be quoted upon request.