Polycast Bowls

Contact us and one of our experienced engineers will work with you to concept the ideal automatic parts fastener system.

These systems enhance your manufacturing operation by making it more efficient and profitable. Our complete line of Polycast bowls was developed specifically for fastener applications.  Looking for a complete turnkey fastener system? MCI/Screwdriver systems, a division of Vibrotrac, will design and build your custom tooled automatic screwdriver or nut runner crafted to marry up with one of our Vibromatic Polycast, or stainless steel vibratory feeder bowls. In addition, Vibromatic offers a vast array of building block components to complement your automation system including, vibratory hopper feeders, centrifugal feeders, vibratory drive units, vibratory tracks, parts sorters or part placements systems to meet your fastener handling requirements.

Polycast Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls are designed and manufactured using a dual durometer track made from a special blend of polymers. These patented Polycast Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls are designed to perform the same rigorous tasks as conventional Stainless Steel Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls, but last longer than stainless steel and cost a fraction of custom-crafted bowls. Our custom Polycast Bowl Feeders are designed specifically to convey your parts to Vibromatic custom built Gravity Tracks, Air or Vibratory Conveyors, Vibrating Tracks, or Escapement and Placement Mechanisms.

Each Polycast Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowl is designed for your flexible needs. Our unique interchangeable precision tooling allows you to quickly change from one type fastener to another.  Turnaround time is another great feature. Polycast Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls can be shipped within days, not weeks, of any order.

Vibratory Parts Feeder bowls have always been included as an important part of Vibromatic’s vast product line of quality part handling components. In addition to automatic Polycast vibratory parts feeders, we provide a vast array of vibratory feeder bowl accessories applied in the design and build of each part handling system including stepper feeders, bulk supply hopper feeders, stainless steel vibratory feeder bowl drive units, a complete line of solid state controllers for vibratory drive units, sound enclosures, orienting rolls, vibratory straight line drives for vibratory tracks, parts sorters, and escapement and placement mechanisms. Vibratory parts feeders and part handling systems have always been a prime focus, driving us to innovation across our industry.

We have developed many unique methods of feeding parts for manufacturing industries such as our Custom Tooled Centrifugal Feeders and OMS (Orbital Mechanical Centrifugal parts feeding systems), turnkey Polycast vibratory feeder bowl systems, and Linear parts feeding systems, along with our custom tooled stainless steel vibratory feeder bowls. Our custom tooled automatic vibratory feeder bowls are designed specifically to convey your parts to custom tooled gravity tracks, air or vibratory conveyors, vibrating tracks, and other devices such as our escapement and placement mechanisms.

Please submit a quote request for your specific parts feeder application and our experienced engineers will work with you to create the ideal automatic parts handling system that meets your requirements. We also offer a vast array of options including vibratory or belt type bulk supply hoppers, centrifugal feeders, vibratory drive units, vibratory tracks, parts sorters and part placements mechanisms to solve your parts positioning problem. Whether you are just beginning to formulate your project and looking for budgetary information, ready to move on a new custom tooled automatic part handling system, or looking to refurbish an existing part handling system we are prepared to meet your specific needs.  So if it’s a vibratory or centrifugal bowl feeder, hopper, centrifugal feeder, vibratory drive unit, mechanical or vibratory feeder system, vibratory track, parts sorter, or part placement system, just Contact Us with the information for a quotation from one of our sales engineers and we will work with you to solve your part handling problems. Remember, you can always rely on Vibromatic to provide the ultimate solution to meet your part handling needs.