Orienting Rolls

Orienting Rolls for automatic vibratory and centrifugal parts feeder bowl systems, manufactured by Vibromatic, are capable of handling parts with minute detail.  

They can be used for orienting or inspecting detail of parts as close as .002″. They may also be used to convey critical parts from Stainless Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls, Polycast Feeder Bowls, Vibratory Tracks, Floor Feeders, Centrifugal Automatic Parts Feeders, or any type automatic part handling system. They are available in standard sizes 12″, 8″ and 24″ in length, or can be custom built to meet your needs.

Vibromatic Orienting Rolls are very effective for inspecting critical detail on parts such as fasteners, however, some sorting operations can be effectively performed in our automatic vibratory parts feeder bowls.  This process sorts for miscellaneous scrap and details on a particular part prior to discharging them into orienting rolls. Dimensions such as thread length and head thickness may be easily inspected in our automatic vibratory parts feeder bowl.  Inspecting detail such as thread presence and more precise dimensions are left for orienting rolls.