Floor feeders, stepper parts feeders, and step feeders are custom-designed to handle your parts reliably even if they are covered with oil or other harsh substances.  

They are also capable of handling large parts at higher rates than can be achieved in most vibratory bowl feeders. The elevator of our Vibromatic floor parts feeder can be either belt or stepper type depending upon which is best to suit your needs.  Our models FBF and FSF are available in five standard sizes ranging from one to ten cubic foot storage capacity with lower load heights than vibratory part handling systems.

Vibromatic offers a complete line of stepper feeders and turnkey part handling systems including vibratory, linear and centrifugal feeders designed and manufactured to fit your part handling system needs.  Our custom stepper and floor parts feeders are designed specifically to convey your parts to custom-built gravity tracks, air conveyors, belt or vibratory conveyors, vibrating tracks, escapement and placement mechanisms.  

Stepper and floor feeders are offered by Vibromatic with one goal in mind: they must be fast and they must be reliable. This goal is obtained thanks to year of innovation in the parts handling industry.  Vibromatic offers years of parts handling experience incorporated into the collateral design features of Stepper and Floor Feeding systems. All tooling that comes in contact with your parts is made of durable 300 Series stainless steel or heat-treated material to prolong equipment life and lower contamination possibilities. Durable stainless steel air or belt tracks, are custom designed and fabricated to accept your parts from our unique centrifugal feeder systems that will fit your application and space requirements. Put the experience of Vibromatic to work for you today. When speed and accuracy are critical, the key to your success is not just speed, but accurate speed.

Linear Feeders

A typical vibratory feeder bowl setup consists of a specially shaped bowl designed to orient the parts to a specific orientation. A vibrating drive unit, upon which the bowl is mounted and a variable-amplitude control box controls the bowl feeder. Usually included is an outfeed accumulation track (linear or gravity) to convey parts along and discharge into the assembly machine comes in many shapes and sizes. The drive unit, available in both electromagnetic and pneumatic drives, vibrates the bowl, forcing the parts to move up a circular, inclined track. The tooling is designed to sort and orient the parts into a consistent, repeatable orientation. Once properly oriented the parts will line up in the track to transport to the assembly station. The track length, width, and depth are carefully chosen to suit each application, component shape, and size. Special bowl and track coatings are applied according to shape size and material of the component which aids traction, damage to the product and lower acoustic levels. A variable speed controller is used for controlling the vibration speed of the bowl feeder and can control the flow of parts to the outfeed track via sensors.

Vibromatic Vibratory Feeders are utilized by all industries including, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, cosmetic, food, packaging, plastics, glass, foundry, steel, construction. and metalworking industries. Vibratory feeders offer a cost-effective alternative to manual labor, saving the manufacturer’s time and labor costs. Several factors must be considered when selecting the best parts feeder for your application. Contact Vibromatic today on your next feeding application to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

Step Feeders

Vibromatic Step Feeders are available in both Right Hand, (RH) and Left Hand, (LH) configurations as well as various heights and step sizes to feed and orient a wide variety of parts. Step feeders are aptly named as you may have guessed because they feed bulk parts from a hopper bin where they are carried up to the tooling feature by a combination of moving and stationary reciprocating plates, shelves or “Steps”.

Variable speed or fixed drive, connected to the plates, controls the speed at which a single layer of parts indexes up to the orientation feature to select the parts in the proper orientation. The drive method of the steps can be either electric or pneumatic. Once oriented the parts then are stored in a conveyor or vibratory inline track system to the machine station.

The linear section performs the high tolerance selection process of the parts to their required orientation. The parts that aren’t oriented 100%, are the gently returned to the hopper bin, via a gravity chute or powered conveyor, where they are “stepped” up the feeder once again. Depending on your specific application materials used can be Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Aluminum, and even plastics like Delrin or UHMW.

Benefits of a Vibromatic Step Feeder:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Metered Feeding
  • Gentle Part Handling
  • Vibration Free Feeding
  • Low Load Height
  • Handles Oily Parts
  • Feeds a Wide Variety of Parts

Custom Configurations

The Vibromatic Step Feeder is easily customizable. Our engineered designed feeder can be modified to accommodate various size and shapes of parts by modifying the step width, step thickness, bin size, drive configuration and cycle time to suit your specific application. Please contact Vibromatic today with your application requirements or additional information so we can determine what system will work best for you.


Flex Feeders

Vibromatic Company has a complete line of Flexible Feeders designed to supply your parts to vision-guided robots. These part handling systems are appropriately named flex feeders due to the fact that they can be utilized to run a vast array of part styles in one system with quick change over and greater flexibility to add future parts to the feeder. This is especially important for customers requiring a feeder to run multiple small run batches and to adapt to a new part in the lineup as the needs arise.

Vibromatic offers multiple sizes and styles of flex feeders to meet your needs. Each system is designed to distribute parts from a bulk supply source. Systems can be a simple loop style where parts are spread out for robot to pick the field of view or on the fly.  Vibromatic Flex Feeders can also be designed to maximize the efficiency of the robot by creating patterns or highly desired orientations in the part, so the robot can pick more parts at a greater rate and less recirculation of the non-picked parts.

Our line of Flex Feeders are engineered to meet your specific requirements. Contact Vibromatic today with your project requirements and let one of our application engineer’s help determine the best method to meet your needs.

Flex Feeders can be the most cost-effective alternative to traditional bowl feeders. Small Medium or Large we can feed them all.





Vibratory Feeders

Since 1956 Vibromatic’s vibratory feeder bowls have helped automate assembly lines around the world. Vibratory feeder bowls are the workhorse of the modern assembly line as bulk parts must be oriented and lined up like Ducks in a Row so the assembly machine can assemble the component being made. We offer a wide variety of vibratory feeder bowls from 3” up to 42”. Vibromatic’s vibratory feed bowls are constructed by our skilled craftsman to maximize the capabilities of the feeder bowl and when paired with our drive unit and controller into the most reliable and consistent parts feeding package available. Our custom vibratory automatic parts feeder systems are designed with your specific requirements in mind and engineered to meet your required orientation and feed rate for your application. Whether you need a high feed rate system, gentle part handling, multiple lines, or pharmaceutical parts feeding applications, Vibromatic is your single source.


Centrifugal Feeders

Centrifugal feeders and complete part handling systems including vibratory, floor and stepper feeders designed and manufactured to fit your part handling systems needs. Our custom centrifugal and mechanical parts feeders are designed specifically to convey your parts to custom built gravity tracks, air conveyors, belt or vibratory conveyors, vibrating tracks, escapement and placement mechanisms. Please contact us for a quotation on your centrifugal feeder system application.

Centrifugal feeders and OMS part handling and feeding system are offered by Vibrotrac with one goal in mind: they must be fast and they must be reliable. This goal is obtained thanks to innovation such as the patented “Star Wheel” and sensor technology which assures 100% orientation of metal caps and closures at speeds of up to 3,000 parts per minute. Rounding out the basic Centrifugal Feeder, OMS Parts Feeding and Handling System is the compact size to minimize work site requirements.