Feeding System For Automotive Clean Room

Case Setting:

An automotive supplier needed a solid feeding solution for a clean room assembly line. This customer contracted to provide a new multi part subassembly to a manufacturer which needed to be assembled in a clean room and with part batch control.

In order to meet the production requirements they had to come up with a “clean method” to feed the parts. Having worked with Vibromatic for many years on other projects, they contacted us to come up with a solution.


After discussions with a Vibromatic engineer a solution soon followed. The solution covered several areas of particulate that could contaminate the assembly. The first was to provide a feeder bowl with a sealed perforated double bottom bowl with a vacuum port. This would allow particulate that might come off of the parts to be vacuumed from the perf bottom and out of the assembly area. (Please see photos showing perforated bottom and the vacuum port). The bowl was also mounted on a stainless steel tabletop to prevent possible paint chips entering the assembly process which could scrap the assembly. The quality control of different batches of parts was solved by having the feeder surrounded by a locking Lexan enclosure. Before adding parts for the assembly, the operator would need to scan the bar code of the part being fed to unlock enclosure to ensure only proper batches are being fed.

After the successful run off and documentation at Vibromatic the customer took delivery and installed the multiple Vibromatic feeder systems in the clean room assembly line and have been operating automatically in production without issue and has helped increase the productivity.

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