Vibomatic's base drives power the feeder system through electromagnetically driven springs. Several types of drives are available depending on the requirements of the application and the size of the feeder bowl. A base drive unit is available for each of Vibromatic's standard bowl diameters.

Low Profile Drive Units (LPQ)

Low profile drives provide the vibratory feed motion for Vibromatic's custom-designed bowls. The motion is caused by an electromagnetic coil which drives the leaf springs positioned around the circumference of the drive unit.

Tray Feeder Drive Unit (TFO)

The tray feeder drive unit is designed for use with the vibratory bulk hoppers. This unit feeds the parts from the hopper to the feeder and can be utilized on any particular hopper requirement for moving bulk material.

Straight Line Drives (SLO)

Straight line drives are used for horizontal tracking of the parts from the feeder to the work station. These drive units provide the ultimate in smooth forward motion to transfer the oriented parts along the track at the desired rate of speed.

Pneumatic Drives (PD)

Pneumatic drives are used for feeding and orienting parts in highly sensitive conditions, such as flammable or explosive environments.

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